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Blog: O destino que você escolher, haverá que tipo de realização. Da mesma forma, o que marcou jogando cartas que você escolher; haverá que tipo de resultado. Se você escolher as cartas marcadas barato, que não são claras para as lentes de contato ou infravermelhos podem ser vistos por olhos nus, então você falhar. Eu não acho que as pessoas querem obter este resultado.

Blog: People asked me why our marked cards are much more expensive than those products by other companies. We always get what we pay. We always insist on quality. Some suppliers just sell you the marked cards, one day when you find out the quality problems, they will ignore you. At last, you will be the biggest loser; you spend the money but get nothing.

Blog: Verschiedene markierte Poker-Karten bringen Sie andere Wirkung. Gleichen Produkte, einige sind teuer, einige sind billig, warum? Die Qualität ist anders. Wenn Sie die billigen Karten markiert, deren unsichtbarer Tinte nicht durch die Sonnenbrille Kontaktlinsen sehen zu kaufen, dann werden Sie das nächste Mal kaufen?

Blog: Some people insist on low price, but some people insist on buy expensive but good marked playing cards, they believe that only the high-quality products can bring the significant effect. On the contrary, the low price products without the good quality can do nothing for them. You have to think about that which kind of marked cards can bring the benefit to you. Good luck!

Blog: In some casinos and poker club, the sunglasses contact lenses will be prepared for poker players to check if there are marked playing cards available, so some of our customers worry that their marked cards will be checked out. Do not worry, if you want better concealment, maybe our barcode marked cards for scanning camera can be in your consideration, no contact lenses can check this out.

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