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Blog: I point out the differences between High-quality marked playing cards and low-quality cards again and again, but some people still insist on cheaper poker cheating products, they think that it will save much money, I know why they still think in this way, because they can not image that when they playing poker games, but the infrared contact lenses and poker cheating cards work wrong. Why not choose the best quality marked cards to avoid this result?

Blog: Normally, our marked playing cards can be kept as long as 6 months, but some of our customers have to throw way the cards after 3 months, why? I think it is because of their wrong keeping ways. When you open the package, you should place the marked poker cards on a cool place without sunshine. Then the invisible ink on the back of the cards will not fade out easily, if you keep the cards well then it will save money for you.

Blog: Last month, one of my friends told me that he found the other company whose marked playing cards are much cheaper than ours, and he wanted to try. However, a few days ago, he talked with me with bad mood, he was so regret to buy the marked cards from the others company. His friends can even see the invisible ink on the back of the cards with naked eyes. I am so sorry that he bought the wrong things from the wrong. How to avoid the loss? I think you should work with our best quality marked cards and infrared contact lenses at the beginning.

Blog: Some friends want to buy the invisible ink directly from us to make the marked playing cards. However, we always do not suggest our customers to mark cards by hand, for invisible marks are not as good as those printed by professional printer. If you really want the ink, then next time you need the marked cards, we can give you a little bottle of ink as a gift, you will be happy to have a try.

Blog: Some unwise men do not care about the quality but insist on low price will get nothing in the end. Poor quality marked cards whose luminous ink can be seen by naked eyes, if your friend find something difference from your cards, how can you explain? Good quality marked cards always look as same as the original one but its ink is so clear to infrared contact lenses. If you are willing to spend more money, the better result you will get. You will get what you pay.

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